Dairy and Website Release, President Elect Announcement & ZIR Visit

Event no: 15
Date: 22nd February, 2022 (11th Falgun, 2078)
Time: 6 PM
Location: Asian Hotel, Ittabhatti
Participation: 21


Interact Club of Central Butwal on the auspicious occasion of World Rotary Day released its official Website and Diary Release Programme jointly with ZIR visit and President Elect Announcement in the presence of Rtn. Azaj Alam (Charter President, Rotary Club of Central Butwal (100% Major donor club), Rtn.Homraj Bashyal (President, Rotary Club of Central Butwal), Rtr. Praveen Pandey ( President, Rotaract Club of Central Butwal, 100% MPHF Rotaract Club) , Rtn. Ashesh Bhandari ( Member, Rotary Club of Central Butwal) & Itr. Bishal Maan Senchuri (ZIR, Zone 4, Interact District 3292 Nepal & Bhutan)


  • Diary Release and Website Release
  • President Elect Announcement
  • ZIR visit
  • Fellowship among the interactors

Event Summary:

This event was conducted with three different sessions. In the first session, we released the club’s official Website along with the Interact Diary. Rtn. Azaj Alam formally published the club’s website and appreciated the President and club members for such an innovative work done by Interact Club of Central Butwal. Club President Itr. Aashish Aryal explained the different features that the website contained and future plan on website to make the club technology friendly.

Similarly, Interact Club of Central Butwal had an official Interact Diary Release Programme for the first time in the Interact District 3292 Nepal & Bhutan. Rtn. Homraj Bashyal appreciated Interact Club of Central Butwal for their creative work on publishing the Interact Diary which is usuable to note down the important notes and event related with Interact & Rotary.

In the second session, Itr. Yubraj Panthi was announced as the President for RY 2022-23 and President Itr. Aashish Aryal handovered him with an official appointment letter.

In the third session, we had a ZIR Visit for the first time in Zone IV of Interact District 3292, Nepal & Bhutan. Some of the questions related to club and club’s bylaws were asked by ZIR to the members present over there. We had a very fun session with him. The welcome speech was given by Itr. Smarika Neupane ( Joint Secretary of RY 2021-22) and the vote of thanks was given by Itr. Yubraj Panthi ( President Elect 2022-23).

At last, all the members celebrated the Rotary Day by having a celebration and cutting cake where Rtr. Praveen Pandey and Rtn. Ashesh Bhandari added their points regarding Rotaract and Rotary’s contribution to the world from past 117 years.


This event was a successful event. Everyone was pleased to be a part of this event. We learned so many things during the ZIR visit.

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