Go Green

Along with the dawn of the New Rota Year, Interact Club of Central Butwal has come up with a new project, with the expectation to contribute to a global campaign on conservation and restoration of the beauty of Mother Nature. We have introduced a program in which our club members must plant saplings on their birthdays and we hope this will influence other individuals of our society too. This project can set a new meme in our society of planting saplings on birthdays which is a lot beneficial for the environment. The GoGreen project was actually a 24-month initiative co-funded by European Commission. From this Rota year, we ICCB have introduced this project to increase awareness level in people regarding environment protection and formation of clean and green environment. Rampant deforestation, over exploitation of forest resources has seriously affected this pristine environment and this is a matter of concern for every individual. ICCB has taken a small step ahead for nature conservation looking forward to taking a giant leap together with other intellect to make a utopian society for protection of our home planet Earth.

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