Project Mahilavari

Event no: 16
Date: 1st April – 7th April,2022
Via : Social Media Sites and Podcasts
Area of focus: Disease Prevention and Treatment
Theme of the event: To spread awareness related to mensuration


Every Rota-Year is a opportunity to make an impact with different projects. This Rota-Year we aimed to tackle struggle during mensuration through “PROJECT MAHILAWARI “, a collaborative project between Interact Club of Central Butwal along with Interact Club of Lotus Valley International School. Since, this was an international project , we were so pleased to work collaboratively and make a impact on both places.


  • Learning the situation of women health and hygiene globally
  • Spreading more awareness about proper usage and disposal of mensural products
  • Discussing and implementing strategies to eradicate myths about mensuration
  • Creating an atmosphere where people have open mind and broader prospective towards mensuration.

Event Summary:

After many discussions and meetings we started this project on 1st April,2022 and ended on 7th April,2022. Firstly, we created survey forms where audience filled their knowledge, rumors and their perception regarding mensuration. We also recorded an released the podcast in which members from both clubs participated as speakers. We released the podcast on YouTube and Spotify. Secondly, we created a documentary with slogans in order to aware people about the myths of mensuration from their mind and normalize it. Thirdly, we also prepared different kinds of posters and presentation. Overall , this event was an successful event and has made an impact.


During this project, we found out that most of the people were actually living with wrong concept regarding mensuration and we are glad that we made them understand. Both clubs were pleased to know it and be a part of change .

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