Basic Details

Club: Interact Club of Central Butwal
Date :
23rd October, 2021
Venue : Chapiya, Rupandehi
Avenue: Community Project
No. of volunteers: 6

Objective Of The Event

  • to help the farmers suffering from a great loss
  • to learn more about service project
  • to maintain the feeling of empathy towards each other

Event Summary 

Project Saarathi was a project of the Interact Club of Central Butwal (ICCB) to cherish the Farmer-Nature friendship and realize their crucial role in our lives.

2021 has been a very devastating experience for all the Nepalese farmers. More than 100mm of rain fell in 24 hours in most parts of western Nepal. According to preliminary estimates by the agriculture ministry, 325,258 tons of ready-to-harvest paddy on 85,580 hectares have either submerged or swept away in seven provinces. The ministry said that Lumbini province suffered the highest losses (161,000 tonnes). So, ICCB lent a small helping hand to the farmers of the Chhapiya region of Lumbini province in transferring the wet paddy out of the field and drying them on Sun. We volunteered the local farmers and helped them transfer paddy from 5 hectares of land in two days. We not only helped them economically but also got to learn farming procedures and the adversities farmers go through to prepare for one of the fundamental needs of human life.

Being a part of this project increased our respect towards the farmers and taught us a wonderful lesson to never waste food.

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