Sharing Culture with ICCB

Objective Of The Event

  1. To help us relate to each other
  2. To provide knowledge to the younger generation about the past culture, traditions and customs
  3. To bind the global world together through the cultural exchange 
  4. To inform the international community about the immense and abundant traditions of Nepalese society.

Basic Details

  • Date: 6th November, 2021
  • Mode of event: Virtual
  • Hosted/participated:Hosted
  • Number of organizers:1
  • Name of organizer: Interact Club of Central Butwal
  • Area Of Focus: Spreading Culture in International Community

Event Summary 

Sharing Culture; with IC Central Butwal, is an initiative to spread our culture in the international community. It has aimed to foster a sense of belonging and contribute to quality of life.

On 6th November, on the auspicious occasion of Bhai Tika (Fifth day of Tihar), Interact Club of Central Butwal launched an event “Sharing Culture with IC Central Butwal” in order to spread our Nepali culture in the international community. A festival like Tihar, is not just reverence to gods, but also to animals such as crows, cows and dogs that have long-lived alongside humans. 

ICCB believes in the power of culture and with the same thought, this project will be organized on the occasion of every important festival. This was an international project where huge number of people from Interact District 3292 and other districts across the globe interacted with us in the form of Instagram stories, DMs and official mails. The vice president of ICCB, Itr. Shikha Acharya, handled the Instagram account of the club and shared different foods and ways of celebrating festival with full of joy and happiness through her photos and videos on Instagram story.


Culture shapes our identity and influences our behaviours, and cultural diversity makes us accept, integrate and assimilate with other cultures. This event was launched by Interact Club Of Central Buwal to spread Nepali Culture in International Community. Overall this event was an successful event launched by Interact Club Of Central Butwal.

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