Finance Literacy

Webinar on Financial Literacy

Objective Of The Event

  • In order to make teens more clear about basic money management.
  • To spread knowledge about financial literacy.

Basic Details

  • Date: 28th August,2021
  • Venue: Zoom
  • Collaboration project
  • Collaborating club: LOFA Butwal
  • Number of Organizers : 2
  • Number of participants: 65
  • Guest Speaker: Bibhor Kayastha (Co-Founder, Chairperson of Aria Group Nepal)
  • Area of Focus: Basic Education and Literacy

Event Summary

A webinar on Financial Literacy was organized by Interact Club Of Central Butwal in collaboration with LOFA Butwal on 28th August 2021 in order to make teenagers more clear about what financial literacy actually is and why it is an important topic that everyone should know. This event was chaired by Itr. Aashish Aryal.

Moreover , this event was a successful and a very informative event. Everyone was pleased to be a part of it and know more about the management of finance. An interactive question answer session was also conducted where participants asked questions to the guest speaker.


This event hosted by lnteract Club Of Central Butwal in collaboration with LOFA Butwal met the goal of spreading knowledge on Financial Literacy.

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