Objective Of The Event

  • To achieve and sustain a polio-free world,  
  • To maintain the awareness among people.

Basic Details

  • Date: 24th October, 2021
  • Location: Puspalal Park to Jesis Chowk , Butwal 
  • Hosted/Participated : Participated                                                             .
  • Hosting clubs: RAC Butwal, RAC Butwal Downtown, RAC Butwal South, RAC Central Rupandehi, RAC GBC Butwal, RAC Kshitiz International College, RAC Lumbini Banijya Campus,RAC Ramapithecus, RAC Rupandehi, RAC Sainamaina, RAC Butwal Chautari, RAC Tinau Butwal, RAC Tinau City,RAC Tilottama Devdaha, RAC Tilottama Rupandehi, RAC Central Butwal, RAC Manigram, RAC Tilottama Shuddhodhan, RAC Lumbini DTars, RAC Central City, RAC Capital BUtwal, RAC Rammani Multiple Campus, RAC BUtwal Synergy
  • Number of Organizers : 23
  • Area Of Focus: Disease Prevention and Treatment

Event Summary 

Polio is a potentially deadly infectious disease caused by poliovirus that invades the brain and spinal cord, causing paralysis and because it has no cure, vaccination is the only way to protect children and stop disease from spreading. Every year awareness programmes are being conducted on polio day by Rotary, Rotaract and Interact.

The event was to make all the people of respective places know the consequences of polio and help them to minimize.Awareness Rally was conducted where Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors were present from different clubs of RI District 3292 Nepal & Bhutan.


The event went well and was able to meet the target . The benefit of the project in the community is that all the people got to know about it and from now they will be more concerned about polio.

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